Chronic Pain

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What is Chronic Pain?

Pain has a way of sucking the life out of you, and chronic pain feels like the gift that just keeps on giving.  While some Chronic pains have a physical nexus and need intervention by a Medical Practitioner, there are often linkages between long-term pain in the body and emotional issues.

Did you know chronic pain can also link to long-term emotional stress?  Don’t you believe me? How are your shoulders right now? Have you been experiencing stress for a long time?

We all have some muscular response to emotional stress. Our shoulders tense, we get issues with our stomach, or for some who might carry long-term anger inside, it could be the arms and even fists. I have personally had clients who had issues there.


How chronic pain impact you

Being unable to get out of bed is debilitating, as is missing out on social occasions, feeling like a burden and losing your life force.

Having to constantly decide how much energy to expend, whether something will set you back, and how long to spend at family and friends’ events is emotionally draining because you need to manage your energy and your pain.

Add to that the pain, trauma (yes, trauma) and stress of living in that state ages you quickly!

My friend that is not living!


The Health implications of Chronic Pain

Pain generally happens within nerves, but it also impacts your ability to sleep, digest, and manage weight.

Furthermore, constant pain severely impacts your mental health-promoting ailments like depression.  So it becomes a cycle.  The more depressed we are, the worse the pain. The worse the pain becomes, the more depressed. It becomes hard to move out of the process of pain and depression.


Processing and resolving Trauma

Because a lot of pain has an emotional response, we take a mind-body approach to resolving it. It may seem a bit woo-wah on the surface, but if you can heal the emotional issues associated with long-term pain, you can release much of the associated pain and illness.