Matrix Reimprinting

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What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting is a somatic process combined with EFT that helps people connect with their past traumas, using a gentle hypnotic trance to resolve and dissolve old hurts, and gain insight to resolve the unresolvable. 

Often we try and solve problems with our conscious mind.  The conscious mind is where we solve problems, think thoughts, sets goals and thinks creatively.  This has been scientifically proven to represent around 5% of our potential. 

Our subconscious mind is where the magic happens.  Our behaviour patterns, automatic thoughts, responses, memories and habits are filed away in the subconcious mind   The subconcious mind contains everything you ever learned from walking, to breathing, how it feels to be safe, loved, scared and more. 

Matrix Reimprinting helps you bridge the gap between what is subconcious and what is conscious, re imprint specific memories, using the same processes that created them, and release fear, anxiety, trauma, grief and more. 


How can Matrix Reimprinting help you?

Clients who have experienced Matrix Reimprinting report that they can not connect to issues that once seemed to take them over.  Through adding some NLP processes, while in a somatic process, along with EFT, Matrix reimprinting heals childhood trauma, physical and emotional pain and dissolves patterns of thinking that don’t support your wellness. 

We use Matrix reimprinting often during an EFT session and it is so gentle, it feels like the most relaxed you could ever be.  The effects of a Matrix Reimprinting session continue through the week as you continue to use some of the process to reimprint the good feelings you have created through the session.

How the sessions work:

Session #1 & #2

Session 1 and 2 is about clearing the emotional core of the issue.

Session #3 & #4

Session 3 and 4 is about going deeper, letting go and forming a new way of being that supports your future.

Session #5 & #6

Session 5 and 6 is about building a plan and moving forward.

Book a free 20 minute call to see if EFT is the right approach for you


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Matrix Reimprinting