I was introduced to EFT in December 2014. At the time I was suffering from physical burnout after establishing a now successful business. Lesley’s professional and intuitive coaching, combined with EFT and other techniques she has mastered, helped me to release emotional issues which I had held onto prior to starting my business.  
A life coach myself I found Lesley a perfect fit with my personality. I felt at ease and trusted her explicitly to guide me through some very tough and vulnerable memories.  
Lesley has helped me to work through business challenges with staff by sharing her HR and recruitment knowledge, helping me understand the bigger picture. She’s always been open to help when needed offering an honest opinion when asked.  
I totally love the work Lesley offers, I’ve seen the lives she’s facilitated to create change, including my own. I have entrusted her to run workshops within my business and work with my own adult children. I highly recommend Lesley in any areas you may feel stuck, afraid or just needing a nudge back to life.

For years I have been struggling with anger and a strong sense of futility in life.  I was sitting in anger, fear and not looking forward to the future. 

I just don’t see the world the same now, and the great thing is I have figured out my place in the world.  I don’t seek to please others any more, and put them before me.  Its time for me, and I now know who I am.  I also finally know what it feels like to love myself. 

I am just so excited for the future.  Thank you! 

I don’t know what happened right now, but I feel like something changed, and for the better.  I now know how I came to be in such a state.  I will need time to reflect on this, but thank you.  I feel completely different. 

Thanks for taking care of my son.  I can not get over the difference in his behaviour and ability to cope.  He is sleeping better, and not getting so angry any more 

Thank you so much for all the support you have given me.  I have been struggling for years, and unable to figure out how to move out of my depression.  In just a few sessions, I can now take the next steps in my life.  Wow, what a difference.  That means so much to me. 

Years of trauma, anger, stress and anxiety, gone!  Just gone!  I have clarity now to do the things that my heart wants to do, because I can see what I want.  I don’t know what happened, but this made a huge difference.  Thanks so much!