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What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

Emotional Freedom Technique otherwise known as EFT is also known commonly as Tapping.  EFT is a highly researched mind body intervention you can do at home, or for deeper work, with a practitioner.

We all have a nervous system, that encodes not only the way we use our bodies, but also the emotions that are stored within. 

In its simplest form, EFT combines the sequence of tapping on specific points in your body to stimulate aspects of your nervous system, much like acupressure, while being present to specific feelings that trigger emotional disturbances.

EFT is part of a body of work called Energy Psychology. It creates a somatic effect that has been proven through many studies to rapidly release the Trauma, emotional upset, sometimes physical issues related to that and more.

Recent research shows that the brain’s ability to alter neural pathways that are the source of many psychological disorders is far more extensive than previously believed (“neural plasticity”).

Many studies, including MRI studies have confirmed specific changes in the body when acupoints are stimulated. Studies at Harvard found that certain points almost instantly decrease the activation of the stress response in the brain. 

The effect is that the stress hormone, Cortisol is reduced, and it improves the symptoms that may have been present for anything up to a lifetime.


Why is it important?

In this world of COVID, constant changes in industry, wars, social media abuse and more, we are becoming more and more stressed.  Mental Health is a huge issue and with it.  The sales of drugs for anxiety, stress related disorders, mental illness, fatigue and more have skyrocketed over the last 10 years.

Constant worry lowers the immunity response in humans and increases the stress response. With a chronic heightened stress response, the body can turn off genes that promote balance, wellness, and good digestion, as the cortisol surges to support constant fight or flight feelings. 

With the focus being on survival, the body no longer works hard to promote wellness, and instead goes into survival.  This stops the body from fully supporting you, and illness begins to creep in.

EFT has been extensively researched as a safe and ethical treatment for a range of issues that have an emotional impact.

 Being able to regulate your own stress response, and find peace in all circumstances is a superpower, and with EFT, you can heal your issues yourself, or work with a practitioner for deeper support.


How can EFT help you?

EFT gets results for people with a range of issues.  Stress has a huge impact on the body, and in particular, its ability to manage mental health.   When the body is in high alert, it produces a range of hormones to trigger the fight or flight response. 

This is hard wired into us for survival.  The stress triggers a range of hormonal and chemical changes very quickly, sending extra blood to the extremities, enlarging the heart, and activating the legs to run.  Another thing that happens in this moment is that the digestive system shuts down, as energy is sent to the areas the body needs for survival.  The brain is only focused on one thing,  survival, so thinking becomes foggy. This is true for real threat, or perceived threat.

Your immune system begins to break down, because keeping a healthy environment is not important for safety, and you may find yourself not sleeping, as you become chronically hypervigilant.

Long term stress is proven to activate genes that, over time may lead to illnesses due to the over production of cortisol, gradually impairing your adrenal system.  This leads to a weakened immune system, digestive issues, heart complaints and in some cases, cancer.

EFT is a tool you can use yourself, that helps calm your amygdala which in turn shuts down the production of stress hormones, soothes the stress response, and strengthens your immune system. 

Combine that with the wonderful calming effects of releasing tensions, stresses, pain and anxiety you may have carried for anything up to a lifetime, and the permanent effects can literally change your life.

What Clients Say


“When I reached out to Nudge Life in August 2022, I was a broken woman. I have been through so much trauma in my life but it was the breakdown of my relationship that led me to Lesley. From that first video consultation, I felt like I had entered a safe and supportive space. While I had undergone therapy in the past, my time with Lesley was groundbreaking for me on so many different levels. I came to the sessions with so much pain and anger inside of me but every time I left, a little part of me grew back again.

Sessions with Lesley changed my life. Almost two years on I don’t even recognise the woman I have become; I have lost both physical and emotional weight. I feel lighter, less anxious and fully confident in my abilities to care for myself regardless of whatever struggles come along in life. I have learnt that the love I have been seeking all this time is actually love for myself and it is through this realisation and the kindness that I have given to myself that I have become who I was born to be. Lesley, you have given me the tools and confidence that will be with me forever. Arohanui x” 

Thank you so much for everything you did for me, Lesley.

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