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As part of your Career Navigator, we offer a 1.5-hour free workshop to help you get the most out of your Career Navigator.  This is delivered via Zoom and held weekly.  The aim of this session is to answer any questions and give you tips on where to go from there.

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Career Planning

What is Career Navigation?

Navigating your career can be extremely hit and miss at all levels.  Knowing what careers we are best suited to can be simple for some and impossible for others. 

Navigating your career starts with knowing yourself, and then knowing how to apply that self knowledge to the right steps to grow your career. 

Get support for: 

  • Early and pre career 
  • Mid and growing Career 
  • Senior and leadership insight 

Students and Early Career

The Harrision Assessment Career Navigator cuts through the noise, and pinpoints careers and themes that suit each individual.  

Delivering powerful insight from a 20-minute questionnaire utilises the power of behaviour analytics. 

The career navigator is perfect for student’s looking for insight into their individual strengths they and careers based on real time jobs. 

Armed with key data, the information can also help provide the language for developing CV’s, decision information for study and much more. 

Learning to meet yourself in a fresh new way will change absolutely everything.


Mid & Senior Career

Its true that these days no one has a straight line through their careers, and you are no different.  We all have specific strengths to offer in terms of knowledge, experience and who we are.  We possess a lot of transferable skills and knowing how to apply that will help you move in the direction you desire. 

Using the Harrison Assessment, we can help you pinpoint some of the following: 

  • How you communicate 
  • How you form and hold decisions 
  • Your role in a team 
  • Your Leadership potential 
  • What helps and hinders you  
  • How to leverage your strengths  
  • What derails your success and how to navigate that 

Using behaviour analytics we also offer insight into remote leadership performance, leadership competencies and more. 

Get the insight, coaching and support to level your career and use the power of deep insight along with tools to help you leverage your strengths and build up your career muscle. 

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