Irrational fears

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Irrational Fears

What are irrational fears?

Struggling with irrational fears can be debilitating and hold you back from living your life to the full and experiencing new things. 

It’s important and in some cases even helpful to feel fear in some unsafe or dangerous situations.  Fear protects us and keep us safe. 


How irrational fears impact you

We are all armed with a fight or flight mechanism in our nervous system, helping us to “play dead” or “run like hell” in times of high stress.  This is what people mean by “frozen in fear” or “driving fear”. 

Irrational fears are also known as phobias.  This is when our natural fear response is encoded in our nervous system in a way that holds us back.   

 Often it seems there is no rhyme or reason behind the phobia, but it rears its head just the same, again and again.  Yet regardless when they appear, they stop you participating in family events, social events and more 

Examples of these phobias are: 

  • Fear of flyingStops the ability to visit friends, relatives or have holidays 
  • Fear of Water – Minimises the ability to enjoy family occasions 
  • Fear of Spiders – Creates a fight or flight response in the home 
  • Fear of open spacesStops you enjoying picnics, walks, nature 
  • Fear of dyingStops you living and enjoying the moment 

Resolving the fears that hold you back

The body creates subconscious associations with certain triggers and often at an early age.  Revisiting the time and space where those fears began helps to release them from the subconscious, rewiring the brain in a way that releases the triggers so you can create new associations and dissolve feelings that at times can be very impactful.